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Fertilizer Management Software

"Using the right fertilizers, at the right rate and at the right time can make the difference between the success and failure of the growing season" 


SMART!  is a user friendly software tool for giving fertilizer recommendations and designing precise fertility programs.


Eliminate the guesswork and easily design fertility programs for your crops.

Main features


Recommends ideal fertilizer programs within minutes, for any field conditions

Balances all plant nutrients

Recommends precise fertilizer rates

Designs fertilizer blends

Interprets soil , water and tissue (leaf) analysis


Designs nutrient solutions for hydroponics and stock solutions for fertigation

Minimizes fertilizer costs

Converts measurement units (ionic forms, concentrations, rates and amounts).

Personalized reports




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SMART! instantly calculates and selects the ideal fertilizer mixture / blend, based on your water, soil, plant tissue, and crop nutrient needs. 




As a result, you can maximize your yields for bigger profits while improving overall crop quality.




Yield response curve to fertilizers




Growers in 52 countries, who use SMART! report 20-70 % increase in yield and significant savings on fertilizer costs.


How Does SMART! Work?


Simply select your crop and then enter your specific field data, such as:

  • Soil test results
  • Water quality
  • Tissue analysis.
  • Specifications of your irrigation/fertilization system (if applicable).

SMART! then processes the information and instantly returns a precise and cost-effective fertilization program.


If you are using fertigation or hydroponics, SMART! will design a complete fertilizer recipe, including:


  • Stock tank solutions, based on fertilizer compatibility, solubility and chemical interactions 
  • Injection rates
  • Estimated EC and pH readings



SMART! Fertilizer software can be used for all types of soils, growing media, irrigation systems and fertilizer application methods, including: Open field, Fertigation, Hydroponics and other application methods...








Access expert knowledge and skills


The dynamic database of SMART! Fertilizer Software includes:


  • Crop nutrient requirements, at different growth stages and for different yield goals.
  • Soil test interpretations for different extraction methods.
  • Reference tissue analysis ranges for hundreds of crops, at different growth stages and sampling times.
  • Fertilizer data



The database can be and expanded by users for individual needs, local fertilizers, crop data, private formulas and local experimental research.



Greener Growth - better crops and a better environment

SMART! Fertilizer Software contributes to a greener planet by promoting compliance with modern standards for environmental protection and minimizing ground-water and soil pollution by fertilizers.  


SMART! Fertilizer Management Software 




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