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SCL-12 Smart 3 Electronic Soil Lab


The Model SCL-12 is a self-contained, electronic soil analysis laboratory that provides accurate answers anywhere for fifteen soil factors, including available forms of macronutrients and critical micronutrients.


The SMART 3 Colorimeter instantly analyzes color reactions developed in nutrient tests. Display readings are multiplied by a conversion factor ,specific to each test, to provide a result in parts per million (ppm) or pounds per acre (lb/acre) — no further calculations are necessary.


All tests are performed in minutes on easy-to-prepare soil extracts, based on Mehlich I extraction. 



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Nitrate Nitrogen*

Cadmium Reduction

0-300 lbs/acre 20
Nitrite Nitrogen Diazotization 0-40 lbs/acre 20
Ammonia Nitrogen* Nesslerization 0-200 lbs/acre 50
Phosphorus* Ascorbic Acid Reduction 0-99 lbs/acre 50
Potassium* Tetraphenyl-boron 0-500 lbs/acre 100
Sulfur Barium Chloride 3-94 ppm 50
Copper Diethyldi-thiocarbamate 0-30 ppm 100
Iron Bipyridal 0-30 ppm 50
Manganese Periodate 0-75 ppm 50
Zinc Zincon 0-15 ppm




0-4000 lbs/acre

Magnesium 0-2400 lbs/acre 50
Chlorides 0-1000 lbs/acre 50


pH 5

pH 0-14

TDS 6 0-99.9 ppm;100-999 ppm;1.00-9.99 ppt