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Waterproof Pen Testers

pH /  Conductivity / TDS / Salt / DO / FCL / TEMP

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These waterproof, portable pen testers offer fast, easy and accurate measurements. 

The Combo pH, EC/TDS and temperature tester combines all the features in one tester. 

All testers come with calibration solutions and a carrying case! 

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  •   Microprocessor based for fast and accurate measurements. Simple to calibrate by one keyboard.

  •   Special viewing angle designed of waterproof housing IP 57 rated. It floats on water.

  •   Large LCD display pH or Conductivity or TDS or Salinity or DO or FCL and Temperature simultaneously.

  •   Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), Manual Salinity (MSC) and Altitude (MAC) Compensation.

  •   Multi-function with Data-hold, Max/Min and degree °C/°F switchable.

  •   Low battery and consumption indicator. Auto power shut off after 10 minutes of non use.

  •   Easy to replace electrode module and the type of electrode would be recognized automatically and shown in display during insertion.


  pH mV Temp
Range -2.00-16.00 -1000-1000 0-90 °C 

±0.01 +1 digit

±2 + 1 digit 

±0.2°C + 1 digit 

Resolution 0.01 pH 1mV 0.1°C 
ATC HPH7011: 0-90 °C , HEP7200: 0-50 °C 
Calibration pH: 4.00, 7.00, 10.01

DC 1.5Vx4 Battery (UM-4/AAA)



  Cond. TDS Salt


2.00-20.00 ms

0-1300 ppm

1.3-13.00 ppt

0-1000 ppm

1.00-12.00 ppt 



±2 %FS (Cond., TDS, Salt) 





DC 1.5Vx4 Battery (UM-4/AAA)