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EC/pH Records 

The EC/pH records feature allows you to keep records of your EC and pH readings.


In irrigated greenhouses, a weekly monitoring is recommended.


The feature also enables you to keep track of the EC and pH in the different irrigation valves or sections, and see their trends on a graph.


For each time you take EC and pH readings in the field, you can create the monitoring report in SMART!






Defining valves or irrigation sections for a field




You will first have to define valves or sections to your fields.


For example, you may have a greenhouse defined as a field. This greenhouse may have different valves or sections and you may be taking EC and pH readings for each of the sections on a regular basis.


1. To define valves or sections for a field, go to Define Valves/Sections.


2. Click the + icon.


3. Enter Farm Name (autocomplete field), Field Name (autocomplete field) and the name of the valve or section.


4. Click the checkmark icon to add the valve or section.


** Note that the Farm and Field must be pre-defined.

For example, Greenhouse A was predefined as a field in the farm.



In this example, the greenhouse has 4 sections - Sections A1, A2, A3 and A4.





Those sections were defined in SMART!, following steps 1-4 above.






Entering the EC and pH records for the different valves or sections


Now, once you have your valves or irrigation sections defined, you can go ahead and enter your EC and pH records for each section.


It is highly recommended to sample the irrigation and drainage water (in open systems) at least once a week.


Once you tested the water in each of the sections, follow the following step:


1. Go to EC/pH Records


2. Click on +Add EC/pH Records



3. Select Farm, Field and monitoring date (sampling date)


4. The field sections will appear in the table below.


5. For each section, you can enter the EC, pH, NO3, for both irrigation water and drainage. you can also enter the drainage percentage.


6. Click Update Records to save the records.



Summary of monitoring activities


In the EC/pH Records screen you will find all the monitoring activities you saved.


Clicking on the Edit symbol (pencil) will show the saved records for the monitoring activity selected.


Click the Edit symbol







Records for the selected monitoring activity is shown


EC/pH Trends

SMART! allows you to see the EC and pH trends for the different valves or section.


1. Select EC/pH Trends.



2. Select Farm, Field and Valve or section.


3. The EC and pH trends for the valve/section will be presented. The X-axis represents time (sampling dates) and Y the EC or pH level.


4. You can change the date range view a broader or narrower range of dates.