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"For years we were in average yields, but never gained more yield increase than when started using SMART!"

I am using the Smart-fertilizer software now since 3 years. I have the pleasure to experience it at first as a Grower in vegetables and Cash Crop and using it now to consult Growers in their agronomic challenges of today.

I grew cabbage, green Beans and Rutabagas as well as Peppers all for Fresh market that need high quality standards.

For years we were in average yields with our products to the Provincial Standards in Ontario and could improve our yields with good Management skills but never gained more yield increase than when started using smart as an additional Management tool.


In the years we start using smart we could improve as below outlined on yields. All in bushel /ac



Ontario Average

Usual Yield

Smart Year 1

Smart Year 2

Green Beans





Bell Peppers















The success was in a sharp education in learning the complexity between fertilizer and soil which has an immense impact on health plant.

Due to health strength and plant not only the quality on flower and fruit was successful but also the saving on pesticide that had a significant impact and saved 25% on costs there.

Although spending more $ on fertilizer, in relation to yields the costs dropped by about 15%.

Of course that is pending on year and weather that will vary all factors.

The use of the Smart approach is now used by me as consultant and customers enjoy better yields altogether but varies pending on Management effort and practices. 

this year we are looking to high yielding  Soybeans (80-120bushel)  and some corn in the Unites States and Canada. 

Friedhelm Hoffman
Fertigation and Ag compliance specialist
Precission Agriculture Compliance Excellence
Ontario, Canada

nutrient solution
"Any formula I can dream, I can make it happen"

"My company is in hydroponic vegetable production. SMART! is the gold standard. There is almost nothing I can't do with it. Any formula I can dream, I can make it happen. The flexibility is the best by far. Another example of"you get what you pay for". If you're a professional, don't think twice about spending the money on good tools."

Edward L Pole
Crops: hydroponic vegetables
HydroSystems www.theurbanfarm.com
United States

soybean - increase yield
"On soybeans we cut fertilizer application by 19% and our yield increased by 27%"

"I started using your fertilizer program...what a feast, I want no other program than yours! On Soybean we cut fertilizer application by 19% and the yield increased by 27%, just by balancing the soils with SMART! Fertilizer software. On tomato we increased yields from 120Mt to 160Mt. I want no other program, but yours!"

Marius Rossouw
Crops: soybeans, corn, tomatoes
Zeatek Agricultural Products
South Africa 

sumagrow used the fertigation system
"I LOVE the software and the precision it offers"

"I LOVE the software!! Your support has been extremely helpful and patient as well. We are an agricultural company and are very fortunate to experience exceptional growth. I am recommending your product to our customers. We are very impressed with SMART! and appreciate the precision it offers when coupled with our own products."

Drew Pigott
Crops: different grasses
United States

Scott soil testing tools
"I recommend this easy to use software to anyone who has interest in understanding and interpretaing data"

"I am proud to say that even as a fertiliser company, we can offer a very reliable, soil, leaf and water test result using SMART! software. I recommend this easy to use software to anyone who has an interest in understanding and interpreting data. The team at SMART are prompt with answering questions, the on-line courses are very worthwhile and the website is full of useful information."

Scott McKay
Technical Development Manager
Simplot Partners

yossi rotem increase yield
"Finally, I found what I was looking for. We are now much better, confident and successful growers"

"For years we had to calculate the concentration of each element in the nutrient solution. It took us days and sometimes even more than a week to find the right fertilizer combination. Finally, I found what I was looking for. Now, after years of using SMART!, changing mixtures for each crop according to the growing conditions and fertilizers availabilities is done with just a few mouse clicks. We are now much better, confident and successful growers. From the beginning of our relationship, we have enjoyed full support from SMART! The outcome is a very successful operation of our projects in Israel and around the world."

Yossi Rotem

beny carmel soil testing report
"SMART! had a major impact on the way I manage the fertilization on my farm"

"SMART! had a major impact on the way I manage fertilization on my farm. I was finally able to gain control over fertilizers application and stock. This allowed me to save POC$8,000 a month (over $90,000 a year!) by cutting back on fertilizers consumption. The change started from day one. Once I installed the software, I could easily create the most cost-effective and balanced nutrition programs, that simultaneously save me money and improve overall crop quality. The software is very easy to use and very practical."

Beny Carmel, Grower, Israel Joytech PLC

"From producing 60 ton/ha Aloe Vera, we went to produce 100 ton/ha, and we saved 50% on fertilizers"

"We use SMART! Since March 2016, for fertilization of Aloe Vera. From producing 60 ton/ha we went to producing 100 ton /ha, a growth of 66% and we saved 50% in fertilizers. Before, we applied fertilizers that the crop did not require, and what the crop did need, was not being applied. Also, overrun of nutrients were in the soil became toxic to the crop. Now with SMART! Software we can do the fertilization precisely, taking them to levels of accuracy for all crops. In addition, with SMART! we have permanent advice on everything related to the nutrition of our crops."

Arturo Salinas Muñoz
Crop: Aloe Vera

"With SMART! we harvested more than 3 Tn / 0.25 ha"

Crop: Hydroponic Tomato
"At the first harvests before using SMART! (In the first month of cut), we moved from 1 to 2 Tn / 0.25 ha. With SMART! we harvested more than 3 Tn / 0.25 ha, when we had never had that production before. Being a grower who does not have the knowledge of an agronomist, I can only tell everyone that SMART! Fertilizer has helped me enormously. In plant nutrition I have no deficiencies thanks to SMART! Fertilizer - 100% SMART! Fertilizer."

Angélica González, Mexico

enrique fertilizer calculation
"We produced 95 tons/acre and reduced our fertilizer consumption by 25%"

Crop: Watermelons
"Thank you for the great software. Before, we used to get only 38 to 50 tons per acre of watermelons. Using better practices and balancing the fertilization with your software, we now obtain 95 tons per acre and reduced our fertilizer consumption by 25%!"

Enrique Escoto, Mexico

procesos de cultivo
Revenue increase of $1400/ha ($600/acre)"

Crop: Silage corn
"Before using SMART! Fertilizer Management software, we harvested on average 25 tonnes/hectare of silage corn (11 short tons per acre). A tonne sells for COP$240K, meaning that every hectare was bringing COP$6,000,000. Now, thanks to SMART! we harvest 43 tonne/hectare (19 short tonnes/acre) and our revenues are COP$10,320,000; an increase of 4,320,000 COP$/hectare ($600/acre)."

Juan Carlos Arroz, Colombia

"Over $1 million dollars in additional revenue"

Crop: Soy bean
"A year ago I started working with SMART!. Before buying the license I was sure I would not get the results that were promised to me. I used to work with other software and as far as I was concerned, they were all the same. During this last year, I consulted for 15 producers of soybeans, with a total plantation area of 10,000 ha. We managed to lower fertilizer costs per hectare from USD 57$ to an average of USD 25$. This meant a saving of USD 320,000$ for my clients. As far as production goes, we obtained 300 kg additional per hectare on average, i.e an 3,000 tons more in average, which translates to over USD 1,000,000$ in additional revenue. We now consider SMART! as part of our team."

Nilton Camargo, Consultant for 15 producers , Bolivia

yeild increase of grain corn
"75% increase in the yield of grain corn & 40% in Silage corn"

Crop: Grain and silage corn
"We grow Pioneer corn 30F35H for silage and grain. Today we are at 45 days after planting and the plants are at an average height of 1.75 m. Never before have we had these results with such healthy and vigorous plants. Now we got 75% increase in the yield of grain corn and 40% in silage corn. I recommend SMART! 100%."  

Humberto Estrada Villegas, Colombia 

"I can interpret hundreds of soil analyses and deliver accurate nutritional recommendations in the shortest time"

"Before using SMART! Fertilizer Management Software, it took me forever to interpret each soil analysis and design a proper fertilization plan. With SMART! I can accomplish the task in minutes, allowing me to devote more time to other tasks. In a short time, I can interpret hundreds of soil analyses and deliver accurate nutritional recommendations. My customers can now understand the state of their soils and fertilization immediately."

Roberto Mendoza, México

"SMART! has provided us with performance never achieved before on top of optimum quality"

Crop: Soil, hydroponics, greenhouses, macro tunnels and open fields

"Although we hired technicians, agronomists and PhDs in Nutrition, none met the objectives. As the one in charge of plant nutrition, I requested the purchase of SMART! software and now I use it to adjust the nutritional requirement of the crop. SMART! has even helped me to advise other agricultural companies, both with crops in soil and in hydroponics, greenhouses, macro tunnels and open field, and several crops in other states of Mexico. SMART! has allowed me to optimize calculation times, reduce costs and most important, has provided us with performance never achieved before on top of optimum quality. Thanks for your support."

Melchor Hernandez, Coordinator of Operations in a private enterprise, Mexico

claudio fertilizer formula
"Incorporating SMART! software in our farm has been like going from the era of carts to cars"

"Incorporating SMART! software in our farm has been like going from the era of carts to cars. This tool makes life much easier for all of us, since it not only helps us decide on the best fertilizer formulation to meet our plants needs, but also tells us how to use the fertilizers already available in stock. All this with savings of 15%!"

Claudio Katz, Syngenta 

seda citak on fertilizer managment
"Observed a good response with lower fertilizer usage"

Crop: Greenhouse tomato and cucumber 

"After using SMART! PRO, I have learned much about fertilizer management. This software allows the user to select different options and alternatives for maximum profit. I recommend this software to anyone who wants to improve his/her own fertigation knowledge and at the same time to get higher yield with lower costs. I am using the software for greenhouse tomato and cucumber in Antalya, Turkey and observed a good response with lower fertilizer usage. Many thanks for giving me this opportunity."

Sedat Citak (MSc), Akdeniz University, Turkey

yonatan gahali agricultural software
"Words cannot describe the professional help this genius, friendly software gives me"

"As an agriculture expert, who travels around the world, including China, Mexico and countries in Africa, I'd like to thank you for developing SMART! software. Words cannot describe the professional help this genius, friendly software gives me. Before I started using your software I didn't have any tools to deal with the challenges of preparing fertilization formulas using the variety of different locally available fertilizers. Your software is definitely the solution for me. Many thanks!"

Jonathan Gahali, Israel 

"The best thing about it is the control I now have to grow and plan for next seasons!"

Crop: Vegetables under controlled atmosphere, soil and hydroponics

"I've been using SMART! for 2 years. When I found the program, searching the web, I was surprised. I was used to working with spreadsheets but after seeing how the software works via the online demo I quickly decided to acquire it. I am an agronomic consultant for vegetable crops under controlled environment, and believe me, with SMART you can control everything. The program has an intuitive interface and allows you to adjust your calculations to any situation (crops in soil, hydroponic...). For soilless cultures, the data handled by the program is amazingly reliable. We have to be careful when entering the parameters of each fertilizer in the database as subsequent calculations will depend on these parameters. I use it primarily for calculations applying nutrient solutions in hydroponics and it has always been a guarantee of success for solubility, compatibility and cost savings $/m3 of

fertilizer solution."

Javier Muñoz Rodríguez, Agronomist Advisor, Spain

agricultural guidance systems
"Any dilemma about fertilizer mixis is quickly resolved"

"I have been working in a variety of agricultural fields; plantations, nurseries, flower production, vegetables and herbs. There are always the same dilemmas when trying to calculate the fertilizer mix to use: Which fertilizers can be mixed together? How much fertilizer can be safely dissolved in a tank without danger of solidification or chemical reactions? What can I use as substitute when one of my regular fertilizers isn't available on the market? Which mixture will be the least costly? How do I use my water and soil test results in recalculating the amount of nutrients required? How can I know exactly what concentration of each nutrient is achieved with each recommended recipe? I used to search in books and browse the web for solutions for all these. Some answers came from books and went into Excel charts I made, and some could be calculated on various on-line web sites. But not all my questions could be answered, and whenever I changed one ingredient, I had to go back and recalculate everything. SMART! gave me the perfect

solution. Any question or dilemma is very quickly resolved and nice clear printouts are ready for the irrigation team in seconds."

David Cass, Spirit P.L.C., Ethiopia

"A bridge between the sophisticated computer systems and the basic areas of fertigation"

Grows with fertigation

"Thank you for a fantastic program. SMART! software is definitely a bridge between the sophisticated computer dosing systems and areas where fertigation may be very basic up to intensive. It definitely makes fertigation more fun since some farmers I know changed to organic farming ,due to problems SMART! solves. SMART! saves the farmers money, definitely a lot. By the way, the new version is a work of art! It exceeds by far the capabilities of Nutron 2000."

Dirk Prinsloo, Green Scheme, Namibia 

"I cut back 30% on my fertilizer costs"

Crop: Roses

"I used to manually calculate the nutrient requirements of my plants. This was costly and time consuming. But since I started using SMART!, I can easily and quickly find the right mix of fertilizers that are the most cost-effective and best for my crop. Thanks to SMART! I cut back 30% on my fertilizer costs!"

Reta Belay, Roshanara, Rose Farm, Ethiopia 

flower farm uses fertilizer rate calculator
"The difference between a successful crop and a second rate output"

"I am honored to give my testimony as a satisfied customer using your software for more than three months. What is very appealing about SMART! is the ease with which we can make very important decisions about all our fertilizer needs. The software approaches our enquiries from different perspectives making it quite versatile and eliminating long and tedious, error-prone calculations. In the past months, we have witnessed a dramatic cut-down on fertilizer consumption at our farm as the range of fertilizer combinations has increased. The ability to change fertilizer combinations pays off and can mean the difference between a successful crop and second-rate output. SMART! is the answer."

Daniel Kassa, Head Agronomist, EMF 

"I can design optimal fertilization formulas, so that my plants get the best nutrition at the lowest costs"

Crop: Tomato

"It's my pleasure to work with you. Since I started using SMART! software, I can design optimal fertilization formulas, so that my plants get the best nutrition at the lowest costs. Besides, I gained a lot of knowledge about fertilizer formulation. Most of all, the software is very user friendly. You can easily become a professional without any deep knowledge."
Wee Yen Lim, Gr Malaysia 

Danziger-logo recommending agricultural software
"SMART! - a great working tool, 100% reliable"

"I've been using the SMART! program for about a year and I want to tell you that it is really great. Simple to use, yet it provides a lot of options from which anyone can find the most suitable. At the beginning, I was cautious, but after a long time of checking, I found it 100% reliable. Now, I can free myself for other activities on the farm. The program also gives lots of input and tips on fertilizer mixing limitations and alerts. The program does not keep you from thinking and checking, but it definitely gives you free time to do so. It is a great working tool with cost analysis and recipe log, converter, water analysis report log and many other features."

David Ben-Zvi (Benzi) - Agronomist at Danziger

natural ag solutions used fertilizer blends
"A great tool for planning fertigation scheduling "

"The SMART Fertilizer software really has been a great tool for planning fertigation scheduling and addressing water quality issues. Your support has been exceptional and very much appreciated."

Timmy Mann - Natural Ag Solutions - Madera, CA

"SMART! helped me fulfill my dream to become an agriculturist"

Crop: Hydroponic lettuce

"I decided to learn about hydroponics, hoping to turn my passion for agriculture into a profession. With the help of SMART! software, I am carrying out my dream of being an agriculturist. The platform is so simple to use that even a person without agronomic knowledge can successfully use it to manage fields."  

Gabriel Orsi Jorajuría, Novice grower, Uruguay

"SMART yields were 20 percent better than the competitor's"

Crop: Baby spinach
"I've been a consultant for many years. Recently, a farmer asked me to come up with a fertilization program for his baby spinach crop as he was struggling with his yields. He also asked a big international company to do the same. The irrigation, plant population per hectare, planting dates and other treatments were identical. What I observed during the growth period is that the plants grown using SMART reached maturity 5 days earlier. The growth was uniform and the leaves were broad. When it comes to yields, SMART yields were 20 percent better than the competitor's. I think this is good news for SMART software. I hope you will continue to be innovative so that all of us can continue to benefit."

Phillip Chirata, Consultant, South Africa

"You can see right away that the use of SMART's platform for fertilizer management improves the crop yield dramatically"

Crop: Potato

"No need to mention the benefits of SMART PRO - the results are right before your eyes. You can see right away that the use of SMART's platform for fertilizer management improves the crop yield dramatically." 
Sedat Citak, PhD, Dreamagri Agriculture, Turkey

European-Commission praises the agriculture technology
“State-of-the-art knowledge platform”

"A ground-breaking objective.” ..."Novel and innovative technology”  

Horizon 2020, European Commission

"Increased my client 's yield by 120%!"

"My client grows tomatoes and started with a yield of 75ton/ha. After using SMART! to optimize fertilization, he reached 200ton/ha. He saved in fertilizer costs and improved the fruit quality as well."

Ernesto Almeida ,Ecuador

"SMART! gave me excellent results"

Grass fertilization on golf courses.
"SMART! software is providing excellent results. We have experienced higher yields and much better quality and appearance of the grass". 

Francisco Oslinger, Ecuador

"We make better decisions and reduce the fertilizer costs"

Crop: Maize

"During summer we grow 300 hectars of maize for cows. During winter, we planted pastures, mainly Tetraploid Oregon. SMART! helps us make better decisions and we managed to reduce the amount of fertilizers that we used."

Ricardo Perez, México

"No more guesswork to achieve an accurate fertilization-blend application"

Crop: Cannabis

"Since using SMART! we have managed to achieve better crop yield and our clogging has stopped completely. No more guesswork is required to achieve an accurate fertilization-blend application. For the first time, we achieved nutrition balance and no precipitation appeared in the fertilizer tank. I highly recommend using SMART! to anyone who wishes to cut down on fertilizer cost and to reduce environmental impact from excessive application of fertilizer. Using the software is very easy and user friendly. I thank SMART's team for their rapid answers when I needed them even if only for minor issues."

Itamar Bartor, Medical Cannabis Grower, Israel

yoni - field - soil testing tools
"37.5% savings in fertilizer costs"

Crop: Pomegranate

"Lev Yohi on the background of his plantation of Granada in Israel. Yohi reported 37.5% savings in fertilizer costs."

Yohi Lev, Israel