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Entering Source Water Analysis

Using Your Water Test Results

For irrigated crops it is recommended to enter the source (raw) water analysis.

The source water may contain elements that affect the fertilizer schedule. 

If you already saved water test results in the system, you can load a test by clicking the ‘Load Water Test’ button and continue to section 5.

  1. In the Water Test Results row, enter the test results for each nutrient. 

IMPORTANTbefore entering a value, make sure that the unit at the Select Units drop-box corresponds to the unit indicated on your report. For example, ppm, meq/l or mmol/l.

  1. Before entering a value, for each nutrient, use the drop-box to select its ionic form, as indicated on your water test report.
  2. Enter Source Water pH.
  3. The EC of the water is estimated automatically, as you enter test results. You can overwrite the value by entering the actual EC measured.



Under ‘Expected Irrigation Amounts’, enter the expected irrigation water amounts for either each of the growth stages, or for the entire crop cycle. Use the radio button to select the preferred option.

  1. Click the ‘Next’ button to continue.