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Create your fertilization plan with our software. We offer solutions for both farmers and large companies. Optimize your inputs, using just the right amount of fertilizers that your crops need.
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Smart Fertilizer is the future of agriculture. Our mission is to empower growers worldwide to make the right decisions so that they can increase profits and help the environment.
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Using the algorithms developed by our expert agronomists, you will get an accurate calculation of fertilizers for your field.
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215+ Crops
A huge crop base enables every farmer to make their fertilizer plan. Each farmer also has the opportunity to create his own unique crop.
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Our enhanced database gives you access to all the information you will need to help maximise your yield this season.
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Using the algorithms developed by our expert agronomists, you will get an accurate calculation of fertilizers for your field.
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Choose your crop from our database of over 215+ crops.
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On Soybean we Cut Fertilizer Application by 19% and the Yield Increased by 27%
I LOVE the software! Your support has been extremely helpful and patient as well. We are an agricultural company and are very fortunate to experience exceptional growth. I am recommending your product to our customers. We are very impressed with SMART and appreciate the precision it offers when coupled with our own products.
Drew Pigott
Farmer from United States
Any Formula I can Dream, I Can Make it Happen
My company is in hydroponic vegetable production. SMART is the gold standard. There is almost nothing I can’t do with it. Any formula I can dream, I can make it happen. The flexibility is the best by far. Another example of >>you get what you pay for<<. If you’re a professional, don’t think twice about spending the money on good tools.
Edward L. Pole
Farmer from United States
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Adjustments for previous crop (Grasses, Legume, cereals)
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