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SMART Fertilizer Management Software

Maximize your Yields. Reduce your Cost!


Precise and sustainable fertilizer planning

  •   Finds the ideal combination of fertilizers and their application rates 
  •   All growing methods - open field, fertigation, greenhouses, hydroponics
  •   Provides complete fertilizer schedules, according to crop growth stages
  •   Integrates crop characteristics, field data and yield goals.
  •   Balances nutrients in soil as well as in hydroponic nutrient solutions
  •   The unique algorithms make sure that you always reach a precise nutrient balance

Data-driven fertilizer and farm management

  •   Manages fertilizer programs and field test results (soil, water, tissue) for your farm and plots
  •   Manage planting dates, fertilizer schedules and harvest
  •   Precisely maps your field, using an interactive mapping system
  •   Provides dynamic fertilizer schedules per plot
  •   Advance dashboard, providing actionalbe insights on your farm fertility status and crop yields

Full nutrient requirement data for over 250 crops

  •   Nutrient uptake rates for hundreds of crops, at different growth stages
  •   Data for soil-grown crops, as well as for hydroponic crops
  •   Data is being continuously  updated based on research analysis and big data algorithms

Easily interpret your field test results - soil, water and plant tissue analysis

  •   Comprehensive soil test interpretation tool
  •   Interprets soil test results from any lab and any extraction method used
  •   Interprets plant tissue analysis for different growth stages of the crop  
  •   Presents interpretations in charts 
  •   The unique algorithm returns required nutrient application rates, based on the field test results

  • Unbiased fertilizer recommendations - use your available fertilizers

    •   SMART! can work with any type of fertilizer.
    •   Easily add and use your own locally available fertilizers.
    •   Works with solid, granular, liquids, chelates, organic and slow release fertilizers

    Cost optimization modules - become more efficient and save costs

    •   Fertilizer Program - Cost Analysis and optimization
    •   Edit fertilizer prices
    •   Fertilizers consumption and costs analysis
    •   Nutrient cost analysis

    Designs nutrient solutions and fertilizer recipes for fertigation and hydroponics

    •   Distribution of fertilizers to stock tanks according to compatibility and interactions
    •   Any tank volume
    •   Fertilizer amounts in tanks
    •   Provides the required injection ratios
    •   Calculates required time for fertilizer injection
    •   Considers the fertilizers solubility in different temperatures
    •   Up to 15 stock tanks
    •   Accurately predicts EC and pH of the nutrient solution

    Balances soil pH, designs liming applications

    •   Integrated liming module to balance soil pH
    •   Use different liming materials
    •   Eliminates aluminum toxicity

    Estimates your water quality

    •   Predicts and evaluates irrigation water EC, pH
    •   Predicts and evaluates water parameters, such as alkalinity, TDS, SAR
    •   Predicts water quality hazards, such as salinity hazard, sodium hazard, emitter clogging potential

    • Designs fertilizer blends and foliar applications

        Designs dry fertilizer blends and provides a 'blend ticket' for fertilizer manufacturer
      •   Designs spray solutions for foliar applications

    Use your familiar units

      Works with both metric and imperial (US) units Converts 
    •   Converts ionic forms (e.g. from P to P2O5)
    •   Available units include:  lbs/acre, kg/ha, ppm, meq/100g, meq/liter, mmol/l, mg/kg, mg/l, bu/acre, ton/ha etc.

        • Built-in warning module

            • Provides alerts on: 
            •  Nutrient imbalance 
            •  Emitter clogging potential 
            •  Potential precipitation in stock tanks
            •  Salinity hazards
            •  Fertilizer incompatibility 
            •  Water quality issues

          Advanced reporting module

                •   Complete fertilizer schedules and recipes
                •   Graphical presentation of field test results
                •   Data analysis
                •   Fertilizer current and future usage


          System Requirements

              •   Internet connection