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Fertigation Software

SMART! Fertigation Software is a powerful tool that enables every grower to master Fertigation at a professional level. Precision growing methods make all the difference between success and failure, so growers cannot afford to guess their way through the complexities of fertigation.  




Successful Fertigation Requires Precise
Data Analysis, Not Trial & Error 

SMART! Fertigation Software instantly selects and calculates the optimal fertilizer blend, based on water/soil composition and growing needs, so growers avoid undesirable chemical combinations, over-fertilizing or under-fertilizing, damage to soil or water sources, irrigation emitter clogs, salinity build-up and many other agricultural pitfalls. 


SMART Software enhances the growing potential in every kind of growing media and soil, using any quality of water and the fertilizer compatibility testing prevents precipitates, a major cause of clogging in irrigation equipment, especially drip lines.


The user-friendly operation of SMART! Fertigation Software does not require any additional computer equipment or special knowledge. It also uses all your available fertilizers without waste, so you achieve maximum profits and save money on chemicals, planning time and growth problems.

SMART! Fertigation Software Increases Yields & Improves Crop Quality, While Significantly Cutting Back On Fertilizer Costs 

With SMART! Fertigation Software, every grower is ensured a maximum yield with maximum profit, using all your available fertilizers without waste.


The ongoing savings in chemicals, planning time and growth problems will start from the first day SMART! Fertigation system is installed. 


The fertigation software of SMART accommodates the full range of fertigation goals, which can be planned in minutes rather than days of labor-intensive manual calculation.


The algorithms of SMART! Fertigation help to manage changing water quality, conflicting needs of different crops and other challenges, balancing the complex mix of nutrients in soil, water and fertilizers to increase the yield in quantity and quality.


A further innovation in SMART! Fertigation software is its module for fertigation cost analysis, which enables stronger budget control and better long-term planning.   


How Does It Work?

  • Enter data for water quality, irrigation methods, soil composition and crop data.
  • SMART! Fertigation software returns a complete fertigation recipe, using optimal fertilizers and precise nutrient balances.
  • Follow the fertigation schedule for distribution into fertilizer stock tanks and application.

The Result: waste-free, error-free fertigation that not only increases yield and profits, but keeps irrigation lines clog-free, and safeguards the environment.