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General Settings 

After you set up your farm and field/s, you can go ahead and manage your fertilizer programs.

From the tiles Start Menu, hover over the ‘Design Fertilizer Schedule’ tile.

      • Click ‘Soil-grown crops‘

The ‘General Settings Screen’ opens.



- Enter program name, select farm and field. Note that fields are related to the farm you selected.

- Enter the Planting/Start date.

- If you intend to apply base dressing, select 'Yes' in the Base Dressing field (step 4 below).

- If you have field test results available, select 'Yes' under the test results that you have - Soil Test, Water Test, Tissue Test (steps 5,6,7 below).

- If you apply fertigation, select either Proportional Fertigation’ or ‘Quantitative Fertigation’, depending on the method you use.

Note that your selections will appear in the Progress Bar, at the upper section of the screen.

Click the ‘Next’ button, once you have completed your selections.