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Smart Fertilizer Management

Innovative software for optimizing fertilization and yields!


Setting up your farm and fields

As a new user you require to create your fields in the google map on the main screen. You can search in the search box, or find it yourself. You can choose a rectangle, a polygon or a circle to accurately draw your field. Once you drew your field, you will need to enter the farm and field’s name, and growing method (In soil or Soilless media).

Farms and Fields


Field setup


Choose your crop, growing method and yield goal

Once you finish defining your fields, you need to select your crop by clicking the yellow rectangle. In the pop up window, please fill in the planting date, crop and crop variety, growing method and yield goal. Then click Save, or Fertilizer Program to create one. How to determine the yield goal? Read more HERE.

Crop and planting


Designing fertilizer programs for your fields and crops

Once you click on 'Fertilizer Program', you will get to 'General Settings' screen, where you define your growing operation. Enter the Program name, specify if you do Basal application (Base Dressing) and the Fertigation  Method*. If you have Soil/Water or Tissue tests available, indicate 'Yes'.


Fertilizer program




* The default Fertigation Method is 'No Irrigation', if you are using Fertigation system, select your fertigation method.
To read more about fertigation methods, click HERE.


Select your crop

Once you finish setting the 'general settings' and clicked 'Next', this screen appears.
There is no action to take on this screen. Click Next.


crop selection


Using your soil test results

The Soil Analysis section, enables you to interpret your Soil Test results. SMART!’s algorithm will analyze the results and will consider them in the fertilizers recommendation. In the 'Soil Test' window, you can either enter the results directly, or 'Load a Saved Soil Test'.


Fertilizer program - soil analysis




* When entering the results, NOTICE you are choosing the right extraction methods, units and the element form.



If necessary, the software recommends on applying agricultural lime to the field. This feature allows you to choose the material for raising the soil pH and to obtain application recommendation accordingly. To read more about liming click HERE.


Fertilizer program - liming messages


Fertilizer program liming


Applying ‘Base Dressing’ (Pre-Plant Fertilization)

SMART! Allows you to plan the pre-plant fertilization, based on your field conditions. This option will be available to you once you select 'Yes' under Base Dressing in the General Settings screen. Fill in the required field and select the fertilizers you use, by clicking 'Add Fertilizers'. Add them by clicking on the green-white plus sign.


base dressing


Using your water test results

The Water analysis section in the software enables you to analyze your Water Test results and consider it in the fertilizers recommendation. In the 'Water analysis' window, you can either enter the results directly, or 'Load a Saved Water Test'. - For soilless media crops, this feature is crucial for the success of the production.
NOTE: For soil grown crops, in order for SMART! Software to consider the water analysis in the fertilizer recommendation, you should enter the expected irrigation amounts for the entire field.


Fertilizer program - water analysis





Using your plant tissue test results

SMART! Allows you to interpret your crop tissue test results and use the interpretation for the fertilizer recommendation. In the 'Tissue analysis' window, you can either enter the results directly, or 'Load a Saved Tissue Test'.


Fertilizer program - tissue analysis


Adjusted Values

The screen shows the adjusted values for the nutrient requirements, based on the previously entered parameters (e.g. soil test results, base dressing). There is no action to take on this screen. Click Next.

adjusted values


Fertilizer Schedule

In this screen you will select the fertilizers that are available in your stock or market, and obtain the fertilizer recommendation. For your convenience, you can:

  • Enter the fertilizer price by double clicking the relevant box.
  • Create your Favorite Fertilizers list, by clicking on the outlined star.

fertilizer schedule fertilizers selection


Click on 'Get a Fertilizer Recommendation', to see the required fertilizers and application rates in the fertilizer schedule.

This button should be clicked on every time you make changes in the fertilizer program, in order to update the scheduler.

In the next screen, you can see the nutrient requirements and recommendation per Stage, Day or Week.

You will also see any alerts or notifications if exists. 

fertilizer schedule stages


If you entered the fertilizer prices, the cost for each stage will be presented.

By scrolling down, you will see the breakdown based on the different elements. 


fertilizer schedule nutrients


Fertigation - Quantitative

After selecting Quantitative Fertigation in 'General Settings' window, it will be the last step of your fertilizer program. In the 'Fertigation' page, you will control the fertilizers distribution into stock tanks, define the amounts of fertilizer in the tank per stage. The software takes into consideration the tank volume and solubility restrictions (if exist).

Quantitative Fertigation



Quantitative Fertigation


Fertigation - Proportional

When selecting Proportional Fertigation in General Settings, it will be the last step of your fertilizer program. In the 'Fertigation' page, you will control the fertilizer distribution into stock tanks, define the amounts of the fertilizers in each tank and the injection ratio, according to any restrictions if exist. The fertigation and irrigation interval for the growing stage and amount of water you use for irrigation.


Propotional Fertigation


Propotional Fertigation


EC/pH Records

This feature enables Soilless media growers to keep track of the EC and pH in the different irrigation valves or sections, and see the trends. Each time you check the EC or pH, you can record it in SMART! Software. To see the trends or enter a new record, enter through 'Field Tests' in the main screen.


EC pH Monitoring


By clicking 'Add EC/pH records', you will reach this screen, where you should enter the specified values.


EC pH set valves


EC/pH Trends screen:


EC pH trends and statistics


Pest Management

This platform allows you to: Manage field’s scouts, pests and treatments. Report new scouts, view trends, recent activities and weekly status. You can enter this feature by clicking the 'Pests' bottom in the toolbar. To add a new scout, fill in the infection details.




When adding a new pesticide, make sure you choose the active ingredient.



To add a treatment, you should enter the treatment dates first and save.



After filling in the information, click on the green plus on the right, in order to save the treatment.


Your pesticide management dashboard

Pest management