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Nutrient Formulation Software for Hydroponics

SMART! is a powerful software tool for designing fertilizer recipes and nutrient formulations for hydroponics.

The software delivers instant fertilizer recipes, for maximum yields with zero mistakes and minimum costs.

How does it work?

Once you enter your requirements, SMART! software processes the information and designs an optimal fertilizer recipe for your hydroponic system, using the fertilizers and other products you already have on hand, so there is no unecessary buying or waste.

This fertilizer recipe provides precise nutrient formulation, fertilizer amounts and directions for mixing and applying the fertilizers to your nutrient solution (including distribution to stock tanks and injection rates).

The nutrient formulations and fertilizer recipes for hydroponics, produced by Smart! Software are easy to implement, prevent errors in mixing and applications while enabling maximum efficiency for a minimum cost.

Calculations and fertilizer recommendations are based on vast information and exact chemical calculations such as:
Solubility of the different fertilizers
Avoiding negative reactions between the fertilizers
Integrating water and medium analysis with the hydroponic system capacities and the nutrient requirements of the crop.

Main Features of the SMART! Software for Hydroponic Systems

Precise nutrient balance

Cost optimization of the fertilizer recipe

Up to 15 different fertilizer stock solutions

Cation/anion balance in source water and nutrient solution

Nutrient formulations and nutrient ratios

Data storage & utilization - add your fertilizers, crops, water/tissue/substrate analysis etc.

Unit standartization (mmol/l, meq/l, ppm)

EC, TDS and pH adjusments

Fertilizers compatibility and solubility testing

Reports & charts

Ionic forms conversions

Fertilizer recipes based on locally available fertilizers

Tissue analysis interpretations for hundreds of crops

Extensive crop databas with nutrient recommendations

Water quality calculations

And much more...Click here for a complete list of features

SMART! Hydroponics Software - Innovative Solution 

  •   Easily create hydroponic recipes, for any crop, 
         within minutes
  •   Optimal results.
  •   Balanced nutrient solutions
  •   Prevents clogging in hydroponic systems