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SMART! Free Webinar - Meet the Expert

Join an exclusive webinar about

Managing Soil pH – Liming

Tuesday, January 17 at 2pm GMT / 8am CST
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Key Takeaways:
 Soil Acidity Effect on Plants
 Raising pH levels
 Classification of Liming Materials
 Steps in Making Limestone Recommendations
 SMART!’s New liming feature – Demo
 Seize the opportunity to ask an expert Agronomist your questions

Arik-circle.png The webinar will be conducted by SMART!'s Head Agronomist, Mr. Arik Kaparovsky.
Webinar duration: 50 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions About SMART!'s Webinars


I can't make it to the webinar at the scheduled time. Can I view the webinar at a later time?

Yes, all professional webinars will be recorded and we will post the video recording afterwards here. We'll also send out an email to all registrants 1-2 business days after the webinar with a link to the video recording.


What time is the webinar? What time zones are "GMT" and "EST"?

The time of start will be presented on our website in both time zones "GMT" (stands for Greenwich Mean Time) and "EST" (stands for Eastern Standard Time). Each webinar has its own starting time, you can always confirm the time in the confirmation email you'll receive after registration and even add the event to your calendar in your own time zone.


How do I log in to the webinar?

The link to the login page should be sent to you in a confirmation email once you register. On the day of the webinar, about 10 minutes before the webinar, you will be able to login to the webinar from this page. Audio for the webinar will be streamed via your computer speakers, make sure they're on.


Do I need to mute myself on the webinar?

No - we'll take care of that for you. As an attendee, you are automatically muted. But, you will still be able to ask questions in the participation bar for attendees.


The video isn't playing correctly on my computer. What's wrong?

Please consider using a different browser or updating your flash player.


Can I get a copy of the slides being used in the webinar?

At the moment we do not share the slides of the presentations, instead, you are welcome to watch the video recording here.


Question not answered here? Please email us at marketing@smart-fertilizr.com