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Obtaining Fertilizer Recommendations 

In this step you will select the fertilizers you have available in your market.

- Click the ‘Select Fertilizers’ button. The Fertilizer Search window opens.

- To find a fertilizer on the list, type its name in the ‘Fertilizer Name’ box, (click the ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard, or the ‘Search Fertilizers button in order to search for the fertilizer), or navigate using the pager to find fertilizers.

- From the ‘Available Fertilizers’ box, Click the ‘+’ icon next to the fertilizer name to select it. The fertilizer will be then added to the ‘Selected Fertilizers’ list.




After selecting your available fertilizers, click the ‘Get a Fertilizer Recommendation’ button. SMART! will return a complete fertilizer schedule, using some or all of the fertilizers you selected. 

The required fertilizers and their application rates are presented in the fertilizer schedule, for each of the growth stages of the crop. You can view the recommendation per Stage, Day or Week.




If you introduced fertilizer prices, the fertilizer cost for each stage will be presented.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to check the Current Application vs. Requirement table. This shows the fulfilled requirement for each of the nutrients and depends mostly on the fertilizers you selected.



A fulfilled requirement that appears in red requires attention.


For example, the 0.00% for B and Fein the below figure means that Boron and Iron fertilizers were not selected.

Go to ‘Select Fertilizers’ once again and select additional fertilizer sources.





Note: Sometimes, a nutrient target value of 0.00 might limit selection of other fertilizers.

A target value (Requirement) of 0.00 means – the nutrient should not be applied (this can be as a result of high levels of the nutrient in the soil / tissue / water)

In that case, the algorithm will not pick a fertilizer that contains that element.

For example, if the target value for S is 0.00, Magnesium Sulphate fertilizer will not be selected. In case that there is a requirement for magnesium, a different magnesium source should be selected.