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We are changing the way the world understands plant nutrition, effective, yet responsible fertilizer use, yield optimization and soil health. Be a part of the movement by digging deeper into our resources. Master your challenges and become an expert with our premium and free resources.


Sign up for SMART courses on Irrigation, Fertilization and Soil Health to grow your business and your career.

Irrigation & Fertilization Course

Irrigation and fertilization are the two most important practices in crop production.

Participating in this course will give you the tools and expertise needed to master irrigation and fertilization. Improve your agricultural practices to achieve better yields and effectiveness.

A certificate of completion will be awarded upon completion of the course.

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Soil Fertility Management Course

take the soil fertility course

Learn how to manage soil fertility to achieve higher yields and protect your farmland for generations to come.

In this course you will acquire the tools, knowledge and expertise needed to master soil fertility management. The course consists of six sessions, each discussing a different aspect of soil fertility and its dynamics.

A certificate of completion will be awarded upon completion of the course.

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Premium E-book: Essentials of Fertilization and Irrigation Management

For those preferring the written word, our e-book 'Essentials of Fertilization and Irrigation Management' is a great the way to go. It is comprehensive reading about both theory and practice of fertilization and irrigation management. Topics include nutrient management in soils and in soilless culture, interpretation of soil test results, fertigation and more.

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We believe in sharing our knowledge to advance precise fertilization and to give every farmer the opportunity to improve yields and agricultural practices. Visit SMART Library to check out our vast collection of articles exploring common agronomic challenges or tune in to one of our great webinars dedicated to crop specific nutrition and farming best practices.