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SMART! Academy - Online Course

"Irrigation and Fertilization - Become an Expert" 

About the course:


Irrigation and fertilization are the two most important practices in crop production. 

By participating in this course you will gain the tools and expertise you need to master these two important practices. A certificate of completion will be awarded upon completion of the course.


The course is designed for farmers, agronomists, students and anyone with passion to agriculture.  



Course Topics

    • How to design an ideal fertilizer program
    • Irrigation water quality
    • How to master fertigation
    • How to balance nutrient solutions
    • How to interpret soil test results 
    • Soil salinity and how to manage it
    • Exercise- design a complete fertilizer program (Including interpretation of soil test results and fertigation)
    • Nutrient management in soilless culture 
    • Irrigation scheduling - principles, irrigation in soils
    • Irrigation scheduling in soilless culture


      Click here for a detailed syllabus


      The course is held by Guy Sela, CEO of SMART! FERTILIZER and an international expert in plant nutrition and irrigation.   



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