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SMART Academy - Ebook

"Essentials of Fertilization and Irrigation Management"


Fertilization and irrigation are the two most important practices in crop production.

From this book you will learn both theory and practice. The book spans issues such as nutrient management in soils and in soilless culture, interpretation of soil test results, fertigation and more.

The book is ideal for farmers, agronomists, students and anyone with passion for agriculture, who wishes to become a professional agriculturist.

Author: Guy Sela, agronomist and an international expert in plant nutrition and irrigation

Price: $79

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Plant Nutrients

The Electrical Conductivity
Can Mineral Nutrition Affect Plant Disease?
Plant Nutrients
Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease
Understanding Plant Tissue Analysis
Ammonium/Nitrate Ratio
Phosphorus in Soil and Plants
Potassium in Plants
Potassium in Soil
Calcium in Plants and Soil
Magnesium in plants and soil
Sulfur in plants and soil
Iron Nutrition in Plants
Zinc in plants
Boron in Plants
Chloride - an Essential Nutrient or Harmful Element?

Chapter 2 – Water Quality

Irrigation Water Quality
The Electrical Conductivity of Water
Effect of the Electrical Conductivity on Plant Growth
Water pH, Alkalinity and Buffering Capacity
Effect of Water Salinity on Soil
Managing Irrigation Water Quality Problems
Testing Your Irrigation Water
Water Disinfection With Chlorine
Chlorine Chemicals for Water Disinfection

Chapter 3 - Soils

Soil Chemical Analysis as a Tool for Evaluating Nutrient Availability
How to Manage Soil Fertility
How to Choose a Liming Material
Soil Acidity
Soil Chemical Analysis as a Tool for Evaluating Nutrient Availability
How to Interpret Soil Test Results
Understanding PPM in soil
Interpreting Soil Test Results - The Extraction Method
Soil Test Interpretation Guide
Cation Exchange Capacity of Soils
Cation-Anion Balance in Water and Soil
Soil Salinity
How to Prevent and Manage Soil Salinity
Sodic soils and their management
How to Raise Soil pH

Chapter 4 – Fertilizer Management

Guidelines for Coffee Growing
The 5 Common Fertilizer Management Mistakes Growers Make
Giving Fertilizer Recommendations
Optimizing Fertilizer Application Rates
Timing and Frequency of Fertilizer Application
Misuse of Nitrogen Fertilizers – Case Study
Nitrogen Management
Chelated Fertilizers and Their Use
Visual Identification of Nutrient Deficiencies
Foliar Feeding
Plug plants – Testing and Monitoring Nutritional Status

Chapter 5 – Fertigation and Hydroponics

The Challenges of Growing in a Closed Hydroponic System
Preparation of Fertilizer Stock Solutions for Fertigation
Fertigation Best Practices
Fertilizer Solubility
Fertilizer Injectors
How to Calibrate & Test Your Fertilizer Injectors
pH Adjustment in Fertigation and Hydroponics
Hydroponic Systems
Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions
How to Balance Nutrient Solutions
How to Successfully Choose Growing Media
Physical Properties of Growing Media
Fertility Management in Container Plants
Boron in Plants

Chapter 6 – Irrigation

Water Requirements of Crops
Drip Irrigation Systems
Clogging of Emitters in Drip Irrigation Systems
Irrigation Scheduling Using Tensiometers
Irrigation Management in Soilless Culture
Irrigation Scheduling In Soilless Culture - Part II
How to Prevent Clogging in Drip Systems