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Limited offer valid until March 31, 2017:

Our 'Soil Management Best Practices' Course (worth $280) + Free 200 pages E-book (worth $79)

for only $84




Best Practices of Soil and Crop Management

learn from the experts!
In this course you gain the tools, knowledge  and expertise needed to master soil fertility management.

The course consists of 6 online meetings. In each meeting we discuss a different aspect of soil fertility and its management, in order to expose you to the best soil crop management practices.



    • Topic 1: Know Your Soil - soil properties
    • Topic 2: Nutrient Behavior in Soil 
    • Topic 3: Soil Biology - a key factor in soil management
    • Topic 4: Managing Soil pH   
    • Topic 5: Soil Nutritional Status - soil analysis and new technologies 
    • Topic 6: Fertilizer Management - soil management, methods and application rates




Upon registration you will be forwarded to the payment website, where you will be able to decide if you want to take the course online (recieve links of recordings and slideshows), or as CD's sent to your address (might require extra charge for shipping).

Prefer to talk to us? you can always email us at info@smart-fertilizer.com , and we will get back to you.




You will be awarded a certificate of completion upon completion of the course and its requirements.

soil fertility course certificate



You will receive access to the recording and the presentations so you can learn at your convenience.

Our soil fertility experts will be available to answer all your questions too at support@smart-fertilizer.com





Arik Kaparovski, Head Agronomist at SMART! Fertilizer Management, International Expert in Farm Fertilization Management and Plant Nutrition.




Essentials of Fertilization and Irrigation Management


Fertilization and Irrigation are the two most important practices in crop production, from this e-book you will learn both theory and practice of these two important practices, including - nutrient management in soils and in soilless culture, interpretation of soil test results, fertigation and more.


Author: Mr. Guy Sela, CEO of SMART! Fertilizer Management and International Expert in Plant Nutrition and Irrigation.


Learn more about the E-book here





Special offer valid until March 31, 2017:

Course + free e-book ('Essentials of fertilization and irrigation management) - Only $84  


Regular Participation fee for the online course: $280 (US)  / Regular price of the E-book: $79.00 (US)




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