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Select Your Crop 


- In the ‘Crop Name’ search box, type your crop name, or navigate using the pager to find your crop.

- Select the radio button next to the crop you wish to select.

- The crop data appears. Select Variety, Growing Method and Yield Goal.

- The ‘Nutrient Requirement’ table at the bottom of the screen is being updated according to your selection.

- Click the ‘Next’ button once you have completed your selection.



The ‘Nutrient Requirements’ Table

This table shows the nutrient uptake rates for each of the growth stages of the crop.


- The nutrient requirements presented are per the field area and for the entire duration of the stage.

- You may view the data for different ionic forms (e.g. you may change P to P2O5).

- You may change the Actual Duration of each growth stage, according to your local conditions.

- Changing the duration of the stage does NOT change the nutrient requirements for that stage.