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Setting Up Your Farms and Fields 

Easy steps to set up your farms and fields.


A step by step guide to setting up your farms and fields with SMART! software.


Setting up your farm and fields

As a new user you have a pre-defined Default farm, with a Default 1 acre or 1 hectare field.

You can create your own farms and fields.

Creating your farm

- From the Farm Management box  select "Add/edit farms and fields". Note that the Farm tab is selected

- To add a farm, click on the + icon

- Give your farm a name and click the check mark icon to save your farm

Adding your fields 

- From the Farm Management box, select "Add/Edit farms and fields". 

- Select the "Fields" tab 

  • - Click on “New Field”




- Find your location and zoom in to locate your farm on the map.
  You can zoom in and out  by clicking on the + / - or by using your mouse scrolling wheel.

- Click on the drawing tool, located on the right upper corner of the map, to start drawing the field.

   Mark the corners of the field to create a closed shape and complete the mapping.
   The area of the field will be automatically calculated on the map.

- From the 'Farm' drop-down menu, select the farm to which the field belongs.

- Give a name and description to your field and click the 'Save' button.

* You can also click the pin icon to mark the location of the field and enter its area manually (in this case, field will not be drawn on the map).