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About Smart Fertilizer Management Software

How Does It Work?

Choosing the correct fertilizer formula requires precise data analysis, not trial and error. The fertilizer options created by SMART FERTILIZER MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE are based on extensive research and exact chemical calculations not usually available to growers.


We researched fertilizer compatibility and reactions, solubility levels of different fertilizers, field data integrated with soil and water test results, fertilizer recommendations and more to bring you this professional software that will take the guess work out of finding your proper fertilizer formula.


Once you enter your specifications into the SMART system, it processes the information and produces an optimal fertilization formula (a fertilizer recipe).


This fertilizer recipe integrates your specifications with our research and provides precise directions for the best and most proactive application of fertilizers.


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Why is This Software Unique?

SMART Fertilizer Management Software is an easy to use all encompassing software. It can be used for all types of soils, growing media, irrigation systems and fertilization methods.


SMART Fertilizer Management Software delivers highly-accurate fertilizer programs using the fertilizers already available in your stock. It also customizes for specific crops and growing methods (i.e. open field applications/ hydroponics /fertigation / broadcasting etc….)


The software ensures that every grower produces maximum yield with maximum profit, using all available fertilizers without waste. The ongoing savings in chemicals, planning time and growth problems will start from the first day SMART is installed. SMART contributes to a greener planet, promoting compliance with modern standards for environmental protection, minimizing ground-water and soil pollution.





  •    Precise Nutrient Balances
  •    Cost and Fertilizer Optimization
  •    Integrates Crop Data, Fertilizer Stocks & Lab Test Results
  •    Client Tailored Calculations & Solutions
  •    Calculates & Predicts Water Quality
  •    Built-in Warning Systems
  •    Data Storage & Utilization – Reports, Graphs and Data Analysis
  •    Soil Interpretation Tools 
  •    Tissue (leaf) Analysis interpretation
  •    Nutrient recommendations


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