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Using ‘Base Dressing’ (Pre-Plant) Fertilization

  1. When creating a fertilizer program, in the General Details screen, Select “yes” for ‘Base Dressing’:



If you also selected ‘Yes’ for ‘Soil Test Available?’, enter your soil test results and continue to the ‘Base Dressing’ stage.

  1. If not entered in the soil test screen, select soil texture and/or enter the CEC of the soil



  1. SMART! Will return a percentage distribution recommended for base-dressing application.

If you wish, you can adjust the recommended distribution



  1. Click the ‘Add Fertilizers’ button to select your available fertilizers.

  2. Select your fertilizers and click ‘Apply and Get Recommendation’.

  3. SMART! will return the fertilizer rates to be applied in the base dressing application.

  4. if you wish, you can change the recommended fertilizer rates manually.


Note: all nutrient and fertilizer rates refer to the field area.