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Watch these video tutorials for a quick introduction!


Our video tutorials guide you from the most basic to advanced use of SMART Fertilizer Management software. Here's a full list of the topics covered in our tutorials:

Design Your Farm and Fields

Quickly set up your farm and fields with the SMART program.

Select Your Crop

Choose from over 250 crops available in SMART.

Enter Your Soil Test Results

Entering your soil test results is possible for all common extraction methods.

Base Dressing Application

How to get a recommendation for your base dressing with SMART software.

Enter Your Water Test Results

See how easy it is to enter the results of your water tests.

Enter Your Tissue Test Results

Enter the results of your tissue tests with a few quick steps.

Create Your Favorite Fertilizers List

Adopt SMART software to your business needs by creating a list of your favorite fertilizers.

Create a Fertilizer Program for Commodities

This example shows you how to create a fertilizer program for commodities.

Create a Fertilizer Program for Orchards

Step by step guide to creating a first fertilizer program for orchards.

Create a Fertilizer Program for Vegetables

Here is how to create a fertilizer program with SMART.

Create a Fertilizer Program for Soil-less Culture

With SMART, you will have no problems in calculating your fertilizer program for soil-less cultures.

Quantitative Fertigation

SMART Fertilizer Management software is perfectly fit for calculating quantitative fertigation.

Proportional Fertigation

Here is how to use SMART software for proportional fertigation.

Add a New Fertilizer

With SMART, you are able to add your own fertilizers. Here is how.


Need to use lime in order to increase low soil pH? Here is how SMART helps you with that.

Pest Management

How to use SMART's pest management module for continuous monitoring.

EC and pH Monitoring

How to use SMART software to monitor EC and pH levels of your soil.

Editing Crop Requirements

A step by step guide to editing nutrition requirements of crops with SMART software.