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SMART Fertilizer
Management began providing services in 2014 and has made considerable strides in production.

We provide Fertilizer Software tools that agriculturalists and farmers can make use of to attain better, high-quality yields.

With the proper use of one of the most valuable resources, namely fertilizers, we can revive the agricultural industry and achieve a healthier environment.

Our SMART software platform has been tested and used professionally. Also, it has been proven effective in producing better crop yields, lowering costs, and helping to minimize environmental pollution.

Thousands of commercial agricultural projects have adopted our management system and found it to be useful and beneficial.

The team that developed SMART consists of professionals who are experienced in the fields of science, environmental studies, and agriculture. They are extremely passionate about making a difference with their knowledge and services.


Our goal at SMART is to make farmers more successful, giving them confidence to do their part in protecting the local ecosystem. SMART Fertilizer Software is designed to prevent over and under fertilization. The positive environmental impact is clear: it stops fertilizers from leaching into groundwater and surface water sources, it preserves soil structure, and allows the production of healthier crops and food.

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SMART enjoys the support and guidance of Yellow Brick, which invests in sustainability, without causing unnecessary harm, and uses business to inspire and add values to communities.