Calcium Nitrate in Fertilization and Plant Nutrion

Calcium Nitrate in Fertilization and Plant Nutrion

Calcium nitrate is mainly produced as a fertilizer, used for plant nutrition purposes, and for wastewater treatment. It is a source of both calcium and nitrogen, for plants.


Calcium nitrate is a very soluble compound with a solubility of 172 oz/gal in 68◦ F, and it is widely used in fertigation. In various places, it is also available in a solution form.

The formula of calcium nitrate is Ca(NO3)2 and it is manufactured by one of the following processes:

1. Reacting limestone with nitric acid, 2. reacting phosphate rock with nitric acid or, 3. reacting ammonium nitrate with calcium hydroxide.

In 2015, the global calcium nitrate market was 15,215 metric tons. Asia Pacific had the largest market share, 54.6%, where North America was second, with a market share of 18.5%.

The increasing demand is driven by the rising demand for grain crops and for wastewater treatment.

Nitrogen is a macro element, required by plants in large quantities. It is a building block of the chlorophyll and of amino acids.

Calcium is an important component of the cell walls and proper supply of calcium is essential to plant development. It improves fruit quality, shelf life, strengthen the cell wall and helps protecting the plant from stress and diseases.

Calcium moves in plants only up from the roots, with the water flow, and is immobile once incorporated in plant tissue. Therefore, a constant supply is required.


Some popular commercial calcium nitrate fertilizers, include:

  • YaraLiva Tropicote – a granular fertilizer, containing 15.5% nitrogen and 19% calcium.
  • YaraLiva CN-9 – a liquid solution, containing 9% nitrogen and 11% calcium.
  • YaraLiva Calcinit – a water soluble fertilizer, specific for fertigation, containing 15.5% nitrate nitrogen and 19% calcium.
  • Haifa Cal, Haifa Group– a water soluble source of calcium nitrate, containing 15.5% nitrate nitrogen (14.4% nitrate nitrogen, 1.1% ammonium nitrogen) and 19% calcium.
  • Ultrasol calcium, SQM – a water soluble fertilizer, containing 15.5% nitrate nitrogen and 18.8% calcium.
  • CAN 17 (Agrium) – a liquid solution, with a grade of 17-0-0, containing 11.1% nitrate nitrogen, 4.6% ammoniacal nitrogen, 1.3% urea nitrogen and 8.8% calcium.

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