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Soil Acidity
What Is Soil Acidity and How to Manage It?

Soil acidification is a natural process that accelerates dramatically in areas with productive agricultural.
The pH scale indicates whereas the soil is alkaline or acidic – as the concentration of hydronium cations (H+) in the soil increases, the pH lowers and the soil acidity rises.
Limestone contributes to the soil buffering ability and therefore has a neutralizing effect on the pH level. Yet, in areas where the soil is poor in limestone, the acidification occurs rapidly.
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Five Ways to Minimize Nitrate Leaching
Five Ways to Minimize Nitrate Leaching

Nitrogen is an essential plant macro-nutrient, and while seventy-eight percent of the earth’s atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, is is not in a form available to most plants (with the exception of some nitrogen-fixing legumes that harness it with a bacterial symbiosis). Therefore, fertilizer is applied to crops in forms that are readily taken-up by plant roots, as nitrate (NO3) and ammonium (NH4). Read more…