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The Complete Guide to Pre-Plant Fertilizer Application
How to Choose the Right Pre-Plant Application (Base Dressing)

Fertilizers can be applied before planting the crop, during planting or during the development of the crop. Applying a certain amount of fertilizer planting or sowing, is often referred to as Pre-Plant fertilization (also known as Base Dressing). Pre-Plant fertilization can bring the soil to a good nutrient level, before the crop is planted. To ensure high yield, growers need to make sure that they apply fertilizers at the right rate and at the right time. Applying the required nutrients too soon might result in nutrient losses, fertilizer waste and even in damage to the crop due to salinity. On the other hand, if required nutrients are applied too late, the crop will not be able to reach its yield potential and deficiencies will occur.
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Five Ways to Minimize Nitrate Leaching
Five Ways to Minimize Nitrate Leaching

Nitrogen is an essential plant macro-nutrient, and while seventy-eight percent of the earth’s atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, is is not in a form available to most plants (with the exception of some nitrogen-fixing legumes that harness it with a bacterial symbiosis). Therefore, fertilizer is applied to crops in forms that are readily taken-up by plant roots, as nitrate (NO3) and ammonium (NH4). Read more…