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The importance of fallow periods for soybeans

As mentioned at the outset, the price paid to soybean growers alters due to many factors during the growth season, but there is one single practice that can avoid several setbacks, increase crop’s yield, improve the soil while helping farmers save money and profit more with the soybean sale, and that is fallowing! In this article, we will introduce one of the most critical “natural” factors that is responsible for compromising the soybean’s rentability and its primary solution.

How to grow oranges

The seasonal consumption of oranges is showing a global increase over the years. The demand for fresh oranges and to produce various drinks and juices is increasing or maintained in all continents. The profitability of this crop makes many growers decide to choose it as a crop. Find out more about how to grow these fruits and how with the SMART Fertilizer software can help you to increase the number and quality of oranges per tree in your crop.


In the past few years, precision agriculture has become very popular, and with that, the expression “remote sensing” has been said a lot, usually followed by “improvement”, “higher yields”, “decision making”, “cost reduction” and many other words that attract the eyes of farmers and people involved in the agricultural world. We can anticipate that all of those words are rightfully connected to remote sensing in agriculture, and in this article, we will explain you the reasons for that.