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Enter your email adress & create your password if you are logging in for the first time. Or log in with your details, if you are the registered user.

Step 2. Choose your package and proceed to the payment

You do not need to register with PayPal to complete the payment. You can pay with any debit-credit card. Just choose your package and you will see the price of the package in your currency. After the payment you can download the report for Super Impact or log in to the software for all other packages.

Step 3. Choose your field

Choose your field on the map, by clicking on the area and highlighting your field.

Step 4. Add your crop

If you have more, than one crop included in your package - add all the crops you are growing.

Step 5. Add your field test or tests

Add your field test or tests if you have more than one. Skip the step, if you do not have any.

Step 6. Create your program

Create your first program to get the your first fertilization plan. Follow step-by-step instructions on the screen or check the video instructions on our website: link to the video how to create your first program

Step 7. Download your personalised fertilization plan

After your first program is created, download your personalised fertilization plan.

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