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Hi, my name is Joe
I am a farmer from Colombia
I have reduced my expenses by 60% with SMART FERTILIZER. This is future of agriculture! Smart Fertilizer helps me monitor my fields and notice problem areas on time.
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Hi, my name is Friedhelm Hoffman
I am a farmer from Ontario, Canada
I am using the SMART Fertilizer software now since 3 years. I have the pleasure to experience it at first as a grower in vegetables and Cash crop. Now I am using it to consult growers in their agronomic challenges of today.
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Hi, we are Viva Cannabis
We are the company from USA
With SMART we got the right understanding of our soil conditions and were able to minimize the use of fertilizers and also secure sustainability. The yields we were able to achieve with SMART exceeded our goals and expectations by 20%.
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Hi, my name is Yossi Rotem
I am a farmer from Israel
Now, after years of using SMART, changing mixtures for each crop according to the growing conditions and fertilizers availabilities is done with just a few mouse clicks. We are now much better, confident and successful growers.
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